An Environmentally Friendly Approach to Conservation of Wildlife


  Get ready for a great adventure with Erik the Reptile Guy and his managere of life sized GIANT reptiles amphibians and bugs! Ever want to see a 12 foot crocodile up close? You will!  Erik's Reptile Museum has been in the making since 21 years! In fact at the age of 19 Erik worked at the first reptile museum in Long Island, NY and gained a great deal of knowledge working with living speciemens of reptiles, 3000 to be exact.  Following that experience 10 years later  Erik's Reptile Edventures began. After traveling world wide to more than 7 countries and seeing them in the wild Erik Callender's  life was forever changed and he decided it was best to leave them in the wild and take a new approach. Alas the Erik's Reptile  History Museum is here at your service! Join us for an unforgettable experience, and kick spring 2018 with a tour at your school, library, or event!  This event has been sponsored by the Behind the fence Gallery loc in South in Hampton NY.

From Dinosaurs to Modern Times


Our mission Is to  inspire children to enjoy and respect nature. 



We are now available starting this spring, to join you at your school library or event.

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